Datathon 2015 - Participants and Winners

The 2015 Datathon Challenge was a multi-tiered competition that brought together teams of students, state employees, and professionals from across the Commonwealth to create new applications that improve government. 

The 2015 Datathon Challenge included the following tracks:

State/local governmentsGovernment teams who gathered for a 48 hour coding blitz, where they were tasked with building brand new apps from scratch.

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VirtualInnovators across the state who submitted their projects online.

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Final statewide competition

Top teams from each of these tracks were invited to refine their projects and deliver final presentations at the COVITS 2015 conference on September 9th.

Governor's Cup Award

VDOT: Data Zone Team

Virginia's Fresh Food Bridge

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  • Poor school performance
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Crowd Favorite Award

Data Wizards

Virginia Logical Decisions System (VLDS)

The Virginia Logical Decisions System (VLDS) is a web application designed to compare education-related statistics among counties within Virginia. A core feature of the web app is a heat map of all the counties in Virginia.

The map allows users to visually compare a host of different statistics including demographics, standardized test scores (SOL), and other educational success measures.

The app includes data from past years as well as future predictions based on previous trends. It is designed for educators, students, and parents who can compare their county to the surrounding areas. The app is intended to help officials locate areas that need improvement in various areas of education within counties.

Parents who are considering moving can use the app to determine the best county for their children’s education. Furthermore, they can see how the scores would look like in the future. The web app ranks all the counties using a combined score on a number of different factors. The user can see the rankings for previous years and compare them to predictions for upcoming years.

Photos from the Awards Presentation