Datathon 2015 -State/Local Government Participants and Winners

Students at partnering universities will spend a semester developing high-tech solutions to real state government challenges.

VDOT: Data Zone Team

Virginia's Fresh Food Bridge

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but it’s easier than you think. Poor nutrition leads to:
  • Serious health problems like: diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Poor school performance
  • Fewer job opportunities
  • Shorter lives
Let us help you and your loved ones find healthy and affordable options for fresh, healthy, and locally-grown foods!

Department of Health: Data Wizards

Healthy Neighborhoods

The Virginia Department of Health’s Healthy Neighborhoods Datathon 2015 project seeks to increase healthcare access for citizens by using targeted social media to optimize awareness and utilization of local health opportunities.  Our team uses an existing social media platform (Nextdoor) to promote health events with interest to specific neighborhoods, rather than blanketing an entire city. For example, neighborhood blocks with young families will receive announcements about school vaccination clinics available within walking distance. City blocks with elderly populations will receive reminders about a mobile health care van providing hypertension checkups scheduled nearby. Citizens will only get information about events that are close to where they live or work and that have relevance to their anticipated health needs.

Our customized application automatically matches and ranks calendar events by topic, location, and intended audience. The app generates the content we publish through our new Healthy Neighborhoods communication channels. Platform users can select the types of messages they want from the individual channels that we publish. Internal website analytics track whether targeted messages about neighborhood-specific health events create better citizen interest versus generalized region-wide health event promotions.

VADOC: Record Locks and Primary Keys

Virginia Home Finder Dashboard

The Virginia Home Finder Dashboard provides home buyers and future Virginia residents the ability to view key indicators about all the counties in the Commonwealth. The dashboard is a self-service tool that can be accessed through a mobile phone, a tablet, or through a PC or MAC.

On the dashboard’s landing page, users can view state-level details for Median Household Income, Unemployment Rate vs. the United States, and population densities by county on the Map of Virginia.

Users can then select any county on the map to view the high level information for Demographics, Economics, Crime & Health Data, and Environmental Factors in that area. For the next level, viewers can choose among supporting dashboards that provide detailed information on those four key drivers; this allows users to view and compare county data with statewide data in order to make better decisions according to their key desires.   

Chesterfield County: Data Miners

VA Educational Money Matters

Our focus is on education and the impact of financial resources on student success. We've designed our app to help citizens determine the success of their current school system, assist them in the process of relocation and enable their engagement in efforts to better their communities. It offers educators an opportunity to review past success and work towards optimal use of their resources in the future. It provides governing bodies with a platform to review the impact of prior investments in education and make estimates of potential returns on future investments. In order to put this together our team consumed student membership and graduation data, state financial data for education spending and VGIN GIS data for mapping. The application provides visuals that enable easy analysis of past trends and opens a unique window into education spending and success in the state of Virginia.

TAX: Patheon


The application aims to present a clear picture to consumers considering a procedure. Consumers can access a variety of data today related to:  Cost, Hospitals, Insurance and Doctors, but this data is disconnected in highly heterogeneous sources. This forces the consumer to often rely on single sources when considering where and who should perform a procedure:  Doctor information from their insurance provider, advertising information from a hospital, cost information from a third party. Instead, why not present this information together so a patient may make tradeoffs.

Prince William County: PWC N4M

Business Location Decision Maker

Business location is one of the most important factors to consider when starting a business. Choosing an appropriate one requires precise planning and research. Type of business, demographics, supply chain, competition, price of land or buildings, and type of customers/proximity from the customers are few elements that play important roles in picking out good locations. Our app is designed to take all these factors into consideration to help startup/small business owners choose the best location to practice businesses. When the app is launched, the user can rank the following components according to his or her need: Educational services, income, housing, and college density. Ranking these factors provides a more accurate and robust way to determine the right business location based on user preference. Once this is done, good business locations are highlighted with different colors where each color implies a different ranking. The user can then click on each colored region to view the top 5 business types practiced that particular location.

VA ABC: Taxpayers Delight

Virginia is for Business

The basic concept behind our application is that a potential business owner will come to our site and tell us a little bit about the profile of their potential business and we will tell them a lot about why Virginia Is For Business by 1) providing specific data and statistics to back that up, 2) highlighting stand out businesses with similar profiles that prove Virginia Is For Business and 3)by identifying useful resources that will support them in their new endeavor.

Our application is supported by a dozen data sets sourced from the following agencies Labor Market Information, Commonwealth Data point and ABC.

DMV: Data Drivers

VA MedPulse

This app is designed to let users search for medical providers in a specified area. If there are no providers, users can submit a request to the portal that is available to providers to share the needs of citizens. The portal allows providers to add and delete offices across the Commonwealth to help keep the search as up to date as possible. APIs were built for all of the interactions with this application, so other organizations can link to the search engine as well as develop their own unique functionality.