Datathon 2015 - Virtual Participants and Winners

Through the Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson’s office, innovators across the state have submitted their projects virtually.

Data Wizards

VA Logical Decision System

The Virginia Logical Decisions System (VLDS) is a web application designed to compare education-related statistics among counties within Virginia. A core feature of the web app is a heat map of all the counties in Virginia. The map allows users to visually compare a host of different statistics including demographics, standardized test scores (SOL), and other educational success measures.

The app includes data from past years as well as future predictions based on previous trends. It is designed for educators, students, and parents who can compare their county to the surrounding areas. The app is intended to help officials locate areas that need improvement in various areas of education within counties. Parents who are considering moving can use the app to determine the best county for their children’s education. Furthermore, they can see how the scores would look like in the future.

The web app ranks all the counties using a combined score on a number of different factors. The user can see the rankings for previous years and compare them to predictions for upcoming years.

VITA Web Team


The LoVAble app allows visitors to get useful pet information for a given locality in Virginia. The information includes nearby pet-friendly parks, licensed vets, spay and neuter clinics, emergency managers, pet-friendly hotels, pesticide applicators, and dangerous dogs. Items of interest are shown as pins on a map. A locality summary includes cases of rabies and West Nile Virus as well as an overall Friendliness and Danger score for the area. It can be difficult to track down this information because it’s spread across many data sources.

The LoVAble app fills this need by gathering the data and displaying it in a single convenient interface. Its intended audience includes citizens, visitors, and potential new Virginia residents.

Team Inject


This application was developed for educational purposes, at James Madison University.  All data pertaining to student SOL scores, gender and disability was supplied by VLDS. Additionally, all data used to calculate teacher salary and school income was provided by VDOE.

COVET is a web application that is intended to improve the usability and visibility of VLDS data for policymakers and citizens. This application also aims to be minimalistic. It displays student data visually using trends from 2006 to 2012 within a specific division, and school.

Cran Man


Sometimes SOL percentiles can truly affect how you perceive yourself as a student. HAIDIS is not here to change that, however, its methods dive deeper than the traditional percentiles you are used to seeing. It tries to understand your school as much as possible, and then decides what schools would be a good comparisons. It tends to group similar schools together. HAIDIS uses Monte Carlo simulations with PAM algorithms to determine which scenario to run a k-means cluster on from variables from

AKA HAIDIS is learning from state provided data and considering many factors in determining your true percentile, looking at your school’s situation holistically.

Find A Doctor VA

Find A Doctor VA

Find A Doctor VA is a free application that aims to make the search for medical care in the state of Virginia a little bit easier. Built on publicly accessible data provided by the Virginia Department of Health Professionals (VDHP), the app is available for desktop (, iOS and Android platforms.

In addition to filtering and visualizing the records consumed from the VDHP, Find A Doctor VA offers an application programming interface (API) for other developers to re-use the data. An example of an app that makes use of this API is Exploring Virginia Medical Practices.



This simple application analyzes any Virginia school division's budget, enrollement, and test metrics. Comparisions can even be made between divisions for a more enhanced analysis.


Academic Fortune Teller

The purpose of this app is to take an SOL or SAT score and provide a list of colleges and universities in Virginia that may accept such a score. This app is intended for use by students who are looking to get into a college, but aren't entirely sure where to start.