Virginia Open Data Portal Usage and Analytics Dashboard


The Virginia Open Data Portal exists to create transparency between Virginia state government and Virginia residents by extending access to Commonwealth data, empowering constituents to interpret, analyze, and transform data into actionable intelligence. In the spirit of transparency, this page serves to share data about how users are interacting with the open data on this portal. View visualizations about dataset popularity, monthly user reports, site referrer, and Open Data Portal search terms. 

Dataset Popularity

View the most popular data assets (top 25 downloads and top 25 visited), trends in asset creation over time (broken down by type), and characteristics of the assets (by type, tags, category, and owner).
You can also find the underlying data that powers these visualizations at the end of this section or by clicking the "View Source Data" link provided under any visualization.

Monthly User Report

View how many users are on the portal and number of page views, where they are coming from, and how many new accounts were made.

Site Referrer 

Take a look at where users of the Open Data Portal are coming from on the web. 

Open Data Portal Search Terms

Users of the Open Data Portal are interested in a variety of datasets. View what users are looking for on the portal below.

Number of Searches by Month

Take a look at the number of searches on the Open Data Portal by month.

Search Terms Over Time

Take a look at what search terms are the most popular on the Open Data Portal.