Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation

Virginia Fights the Opioid Crisis with Data-sharing Platform

Secure and appropriate data sharing across government agencies not only allows those agencies to provide better and faster services, but also provides benefits to the communities and residents they serve. During the 2018 legislative session, the General Assembly created the position of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the Commonwealth of Virginia mandating the CDO work on a pilot project to demonstrate the value of data sharing and analytics as a response to the opioid crisis. Governor Northam appointed Carlos Rivero as the Commonwealth's first CDO in July 2018. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services worked with the CDO to develop and pilot a data-sharing platform that could respond to the opioid crisis in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. DCJS contracted with Qlarion Inc. to develop the platform built on Tyler Technologies' Secure Connected Government Cloud and Amazon Web Services. The pilot program has now become the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT) providing a wide-variety of data and powerful self-service analytics supporting community leaders as they respond to the crisis. The organizations that have contributed data so far and are part of the FAACT Data Trust include Federal, State, Local and Private organizations:
  • DCJS
  • Local Corrections
  • Virginia State Police
  • Community Service Board
  • Virginia Dept. of Forensic Sciences
  • Winchester Police Department
  • Private Healthcare System
  • U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor
Due to the success of the program, it has now expanded to the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia. This program proves the value of sharing data across agencies, localities, and community organizations in a way that facilitates responsive, data-driven, evidence-based decision-making leading to better outcomes for our residents. Read the Governor’s press release or the media articles below to learn more about how the program is successfully responding to the opioid crisis in Virginia.
Publicly accessible datasets from FAACT will be available on the Open Data Portal soon.