2020 Virginia Datathon

The suggested data sets for the Virginia Datathon are available in the Data Catalog under the Datathon 2020 category

Virginia Datathon

The Office of the Chief Data Officer and the Library of Virginia are gearing up for the Virginia Datathon and this year we're going virtual! The Virginia Datathon brings together state agencies, localities, students, non-profits, and the private sector to leverage technology and data to develop innovative ideas that advance the Commonwealth of Virginia. The event promotes participants and teams to interpret, analyze, and transform data into real-life solutions presented to a panel of judges to compete for prizes.

2020 Theme

The theme for the 2020 Virginia Datathon is Communities and COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic delivered unique and unprecedented challenges for many. The impact of the crisis continues to be felt across communities in different ways and has affected employment, education, health, business, and more. This far-reaching theme serves to explore the multi-faceted effect of COVID-19 and contrasting community experiences along with what solutions can mitigate the impact of another crisis and ultimately aid Virginia's recovery.

Looking for more information about the annual Virginia Datathon? Head on over to the event page on the Office of the Chief Data Officer website.